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FULL HD SMART LED TV For 46PX200 and 40PX200

Don't just change your TV. Change up and modernize the look of your home with an the PX200 LED TV. Power TV is all about comprehensive features, picture and audio quality as well as wide connectivity's. Sleek and stylish, with a bezel design that's thinner than most other LED TVs in its class. Less is more. PX200 is technology with responsibility.

PX200 Series

  • 46"

  • 40"

  • 32"

PX200 Key Features


REGZA ENGINE - REGZA Engine is the advanced video processing circuit developed by Toshiba. This advanced video processing technology reproduces high resolution images by using complex calculations to enhance the received signals to the highest video quality.

LED BACKLIGHT - LED technology is an advanced backlighting system that guarantees new levels of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen. Colours are made more vibrant and contrast between light and dark is more pronounced, providing dramatically improved performance, while overall energy consumption is reduced.

MUSIC SEARCH - The useful Music Search* function of PX200 can identify music tracks from TV programmes, streaming videos, USB video/audio files and DVD playback. Once you've sent a request to the gracenote database, you'll be able to retrieve music data such as title, artiste, album and genre of the track and display it on the TV.

* Music Search can only be used if you have an internet connection with sufficently high bandwidth (at least 3Mbps). Image shown is for illustration purpose only

** Gracenote, the Gracenote logo and logotype are either a registered trademark or a trademark of Gracenote, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

TOSHIBA PLACES - Toshiba Places* is your gateway to the world of Internet, brought to you by a name you can trust. Each of the Places allows you to access a world of content from your TV; Visit Music Place, Video Place and other Places. Plus, share your favourite videos and photos with family and friends.

* Toshiba Places can only be used if you have an Internet connection with a sufficiently high bandwidth (at least 3Mbps).


NARROW BEZEL - The striking design of the new Power TV range stylishly complements the quality of the images and sounds. Designed in Japan, the TV is characterized by its 15mm narrow bezel giving an almost borderless effect that maximizes the impact of the screen.

The new PX200 and PS200 also boast as one of the slimmest designs with an impressive 18mm, while the PU200 and PB200 are at 53mm. Any of these models easily blends into and even becomes the centre piece of most interior décor and furnishing.

*Specifications may vary according to models