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Don't just change your TV. Change up and modernize the look of your home with an the PS200 LED TV. Power TV is all about comprehensive features, picture and audio quality as well as wide connectivity's. Sleek and stylish, with a bezel design that's thinner than most other LED TVs in its class. Less is more. PS200 is technology with responsibility.

PS200 Series

  • 40"

  • 32"

PS200 Key Features


REGZA ENGINE - REGZA Engine is the advanced video processing circuit developed by Toshiba. This advanced video processing technology reproduces high resolution images by using complex calculations to enhance the received signals to the highest video quality.

LED BACKLIGHT - LED technology is an advanced backlighting system that guarantees new levels of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen. Colours are made more vibrant and contrast between light and dark is more pronounced, providing dramatically improved performance, while overall energy consumption is reduced.

HIGH EFFICIENCY SPEAKER - Designed to produce high sound pressure levels, the newly integrated High Efficiency Speaker offers twice the efficiency of a conventional speaker and is capable of delivering the same performance using only half the required input.

USB MOVIE -With enhanced playback compatibility* of 28 video formats**, USB Movie feature now allows playback of most popular video formats commonly available in the market for greater sharing convenience on various model sizes. You can now enjoy your favourite video collection in the most stylish and hassle-free manner. Simply plug and playback directly from your USB flash drive or HDD. What's more, the feature can even work with 4 audio formats (MP3, MP4, WAV and WMA) and JPEG playback to allow hassle-free playback of songs and music directly from a flash drive, or viewing photos and re-collecting fond memories of your recent outings with you and your loved ones.

* Subject to hardware and software specifications.
** Combination of 28 video formats in the following media formats (AVI, PS, TS/TP, VOB, MOV, MP4, ASF/WMV, DivX, Xvid, MKV, RMVB, FLV, 3GPP, M-JPEG) in various video codec. Please refer to Owner's Manual for more details.


NARROW BEZEL - The striking design of the new Power TV range stylishly complements the quality of the images and sounds. Designed in Japan, the TV is characterized by its 15mm narrow bezel giving an almost borderless effect that maximizes the impact of the screen.

The new PX200 and PS200 also boast as one of the slimmest designs with an impressive 18mm, while the PU200 and PB200 are at 53mm. Any of these models easily blends into and even becomes the centre piece of most interior décor and furnishing.

*Specifications may vary according to models